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Solid Foundations

American Construction Services, Inc. was established in 1978. When the company was founded, we specialized in concrete foundation exclusively. During the past 36 years, we have had a steady growth in both volume and types of construction services offered to our customers.

ACS Inc. has a proven dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and resourceful services to all applications of building maintenance, general construction, building construction, and exterior/interior alterations. These operations include both horizontal/vertical constructions and may include both expedient repair methods and more deliberate construction methods by application design criteria and advanced planning and preparation. One of our greatest assets is the level of craftsmanship, experience, and dedication our employees bring to each project. We have learned that integrity, attention to all details and honesty each step of the way, makes the best working environment for everyone.

Reputation for Successful

At ACS Inc., We recognize that there are several other companies who can provide the product as specified.  That’s why we always go the extra mile to make our customers satisfied.  At each job we do you can be assured that ….

  • We develop and maintain the trust of those we work for and with.
  • Build a positive relationship with every client we encounter.
  • Deliver superior service while adhering to the highest ethical standard.
  • Deliver a final product that goes beyond the expectations of those that entrust their project to us

Safety First

American Construction Services, Inc. recognizes its responsibility to furnish a safe environment for all employees, to provide safety devices and mechanical safeguards, and to maintain and enforce a program to fulfill this responsibility.
American Construction Services Safety Program includes:

  • Monthly safety meetings for all employees.
  • Weekly “tailgate” safety meetings, and foreman safety checklist.
  • All employees are issued a Southern California Builders Association Manual and a copy of American
    Construction Services Accident Prevention Plan.
  • Record keeping of OSHA #200 injury reports.
  • HAZMAT/M.S.D.S. training.
  • Penalties, including termination, will be enforced for safety violations or disregarding safety guidelines.

Quality Control

Quality Control

We take pride in the work quality and service we provide to clients.American Construction Services, Inc. has a written Procedures Manual to insure specific Quality Control and Quality Assurance controls are implemented as required. A copy of our Accident Prevention Plan and Quality Control Manual are available upon request.

American Construction Services Inc. is fully licensed and insured.

Contractors licenses No. 558784

Class A/B, C9 Haz Matt: No. 558784

PICS Certification – Implementation Audit and Manual Audit

Industry, Illness and Safety Program

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